Help your child learn the reading skills they need to read like a champion!


My name is Alicia and I am passionate about helping children learn to read.  I've been in education for over 15 years.  It breaks my heart each time I hear a parent or child say that they can't read.  I'm here to change that!

I provide Montessori-based tutoring for reading. 

All sessions are virtual. • The cost is $45 per session.
You can request a free first session using the link below. 

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Here's how I help children get to be GREAT at reading:

✔️ We start with reading skills assessment to find out exactly which skills children need to know. This becomes the learning plan.

✔️ We play interactive reading games so children have fun while learning new skills.  Each lesson builds on skills children have already learned.

✔️ I provide resources & support for adults so that children can practice what they've learned in between sessions. This builds retention & confidence!

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Experience how Montessori-based tutoring can help improve your child's progress in reading by strengthening the reading skills they need to become successful readers.

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On-going tutoring - $45 per session

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Why Montessori
& the Science of Reading?

The Montessori approach to reading has been around for over 100 years.  This approach focuses on phonics and phonemic awareness.  These are two foundational skills that Science of Reading research now supports as being fundamental to helping children learn to read.

When children learn the foundational skills they need, they are better equipped to become successful at reading and actually enjoy reading.

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Here's what one parent has to say...

"Our son was in second grade at the time we started looking into tutoring for reading. He was behind his classmates and the teacher was concerned about his progress.

We started tutoring with Alicia two times per week and immediately saw a difference in his attitude and desire to get better. He had been very frustrated in class and my husband and I were just not able to help him.

Our tutoring was virtual which I thought initially would be difficult but our son caught on very quickly and enjoyed his sessions. Alicia did exercises with him that were fun and interactive.

He looked forward to each session and got better and better. At the end of the six months he was at the level of reading he needed to be. What a relief! Thank you so much!"

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About Me

Education has been my passion since I graduated college and started teaching in the Bronx, NY back in 2006. 

Since then, I've helped hundreds of children learn to read and also provided training for teachers in the area of reading as well.

I hold two master's degrees in education, a valid teacher certification in the state of Florida and an international certification as a Montessori guide for ages 3-6. 

If your child is struggling with reading, or if you just want some support helping your child get ahead in reading, please don't be shy about reaching out.  I'm happy to help!

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Looking forward to helping your child become a successful reader!


Tutoring sessions are intended to help improve reading skills over time.  There are no promises or guaranteed results. Unless otherwise agreed to between the parties, the tutoring relationship will terminate upon the conclusion of the session, and neither party has any rights/obligations going forward.