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Decodable Books & Sight Word Stories

Downloadable stories for early readers that gradually introduce key sight words.

Decodable Book

Word Family Story - Jen 

Includes words in the -en word family and introduces sight word: a

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Decodable Book

Word Family Story - Cop

Includes words in the -op word family and introduces sight words: The, and

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Decodable Book

Word Family Story - Pug

Includes words in the -ug word family and introduces sight words: Look, a, and

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Decodable book

Word Family Story - Pig

Includes words in the -ig word family and introduces sight words: the, can, for

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Resources for Homeschool

Record-keeping and note-taking templates for homeschool families.

homeschool resource

Homeschool Lesson Notes

Take notes on daily lessons presented and next steps using this blank template.

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homeschool resource

Homeschool Monthly Subjects

Take notes on lessons presented in different subject areas on a monthly basis.

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homeschool resource

Montessori 3 Period Lesson

Helpful visual to remember the sequence and language to use for 3 period lessons.

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Books for Getting Started with Montessori

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Principles of Montessori

Explanation of Montessori principles starting from before baby is born to adult.

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Getting Started

Step by step guide for getting started with Montesori from birth.

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The Research

Scientific explanation of the principles of Montessori & why they work.

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For older children

Includes information about the Second Plane of development for ages 6-9.

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Books for Teaching Reading 

Helpful guides for adult educators and decodable books for kids to practice with.

Murial Dwyer

Simplified explanation of teaching reading based on the Montessori approach.

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Parent's Guide

Explanation of teaching reading & writing with photographs and examples.

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Decodable Readers

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Dash into Learning

Miss Rhonda's Readers

Set 1 - short vowel sounds

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Miss Rhonda's Readers

Set 2 - Blends & digraphs

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Miss Rhonda's Readers

Set 3 - Chapter Book

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Hands-on Learning Materials

Montessori-aligned materials for learning key literacy concepts.

Sandpaper Letters

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Logic of English

Moveable Alphabet

Traditional Montessori moveable alphabet made of wood (print version).

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Magnetic Alphabet

Magnetic version of the moveable alphabet in red/blue colors.

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Montessori Sensitive Periods

Learn which stage of development your child is in, so you can support them as they learn and grow.

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