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NEW! Decodable & Sight Word Books


Word Family Story - Jen (Decodable)

Includes words in the -en word family and introduces sight word "a".

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Word Family Story - Jen
(Sight Words)

Includes words in the -en word family and sight words This, is, in, a, look, the.

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Books for Getting Started with Montessori

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Learn the principles

This book gives an explanation of Montessori principles starting from before baby is born to adult.

How to Get Started

This is a step by step guide for getting started with Montesori.

Science & Research

This book gives a scientific explanation of the princples of Montessori & why they work.

From Birth to Adult

For older children, this book includes information about the Second Plane for ages 6-9.

Books for Teaching Reading 


Start Here

This is the most simplified explanation of teaching reading.

Montessori Literacy

This book gives an explanation of teaching reading & writing with colorful photographs and examples.

Dash into Learning

These are decodable readers that can be purchased as a set. 
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Miss Rhonda's Readers

Set 1 - short vowel sounds

Miss Rhonda's Readers

Set 2 - Blends & digraphs

Miss Rhonda's Readers

Set 3 - Chapter Book

Hands-on Learning Materials


Sandpaper Letters

Type "sandpaper letters" in search bar when redirected to this affiliate link.

Moveable Alphabet

This is the traditional Montessori moveable alphabet made of wood (print version)

Magnetic Alphabet

This is a version of the moveable alphabet that is magnetic.

Learn which period of development your child is in, so you can best support them as they learn & grow.

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