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All your baby needs is love and a little Montessori.

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The Montessori Gift List for baby includes all the Montessori things you'll need to support your baby's learning in the first few weeks, as suggested by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Baby's Area

You will get a customized  selection of Montessori-aligned items for the baby's room or play area, based on the principles of Montessori & hosted on your own personal webpage.

Baby's Things

Each Montessori-aligned item is hand-selected just for you and your baby. Every item includes an explanation of how it helps to support  your baby's learning & development.

How it works

Getting a Montessori gift list for your baby is as easy as 1-2-3.

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Sign up for the Montessori Baby Gift List by clicking the registration link below.

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Answer a few questions telling us about yourself & how you envision baby's room.

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We'll use the information you provide and our product knowledge to do the rest!

You will get a link to a personalized webpage where your Montessori Baby Gift List will be hosted. The items included  are Montessori-aligned, so you know they can support your baby's learning and development within the first few weeks & months.

*For babies 0-6 months

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*This service is currently only available to residents of the US.*

Why choose the Montessori Gift List?

You are a busy mom and the first few months of your baby's life are precious.

You won't have to spend hours online searching for items to buy.  We'll put together a list of gift ideas that are supported by Montessori's theories of infant development.

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You won't have to worry about  trying to figure out which toys are really Montessori.

We use our Montessori expertise + extensive product knowledge to select items that are truly Montessori-aligned and can support your baby's growth, learning and development.

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You'll have peace of mind knowing you won't be missing important developmental moments.

The first 3 years of a baby's life are the most important for brain development.  Montessori suggests specific things parents can do within the first few weeks to support this period of immense growth and they are all included in your Montessori Baby Gift List.

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What Does it Cost?

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Here's what you get:

♡ You will receive a link to a personalized webpage where family & friends can select gifts to purchase for the baby.

♡ Your gift list will include 10-15 hand-selected baby items that are aligned with the principles of Montessori.

♡ Each item includes a write-up of how it aligns with Montessori & can help support your baby in their development.

♡ Already have a registry?  No problem.  We'll include a link to an already existing registry, even if you have more than one.


You'll also receive email support for 7 days after receiving your gift list link.  You'll be able to ask questions you have about items on your registry.  And if you want us to change or add something, we can do that too!

*You may may request up to 3 product revisions during the 7-day revision period.

*This service is currently available only to residents of the US.

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Meet the Founder

My name is Alicia and I am the creator of the Montessori Baby Gift List.  When I became a mom, I spent HOURS researching Montessori and trying to find products that would support the philosophy that resonated with my heart.

I created the Montessori Baby Gift List as a way to help moms-to-be get a curated done-for-you list of Montessori baby things. The goal is to help more and more families bring the gift of Montessori into their homes. ♡ 

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