When you find a philosophy that shapes your approach to parenting and education, you just want to keep learning everything about it.

This is my story.


When I became a parent, I wanted peacefully engaging experiences for my children.  I read every book I could find and learned that with Montessori, this sense of simplicity was not only possible, but worthwhile and rewarding.

I have two amazing children that have taught me all I know about parenting.  The most important lesson has been to strive for patience above all things and to seize every convenient and inconvenient opportunity for fostering independence.


 As a teacher, I knew I needed to learn more than my certification and teacher training provided, so I continued my studies beyond the requirements, obtaining two Master's in Bilingual Education & English as a Second Language.

In my 15+ years in education, I've supported teachers in many classrooms  as an instructional coach for a large school district, and traveled across the country to work in different schools as a bilingual reading consultant.

Montessori Practitioner

I am an internationally certified Montessori teacher.  I have worked in various Montessori classrooms as an intern, Spanish language teacher and a lead Montessori guide for transitioning toddlers and primary-aged children.

When I became a Montessori Practitioner, I learned that the Montessori approach answers many of the questions parents, teachers & school administrators have about developing language & literacy skills among young children. 

♡ Learn more about Montessori in the parenting workshop.

♡ Help your child with reading using Montessori .

♡Know which materials to buy that are Montessori-aligned.

♡ Get personalized support with a one-on-one consultation.

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The goal is to shift our approach to parenting & education so our children learn the skills they need to succeed.