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Montessori is an approach to parenting and education that focuses on developing children's independence, creativity and kindness. Learn more about the Montessori approach from an experienced Montessori parent & certified Montessori guide. 

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Deepen your understanding of Montessori with personalized support.

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Learn everything you need to know to get started--from understanding the principles to putting them into practice. 

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Meet Alicia

Montessori has been revolutionary.

After my daughter was born, I found myself lost amidst all the toys and baby things.  And more importantly, I realized she was too! When I noticed my daughter wasn't playing with all the things that surrounded her, I knew there had to be a better way. So I read everything I could to learn about Montessori, and after some time, became a certified Montessori educator. 

Now I share what I've learned in order to help parents deepen their knowledge about Montessori AND simplify the approach.


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Montessori Sensitive Periods Chart

Learn which stage of development your child is in 👀

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Montessori Courses & Workshops

Introduction to Montessori - Free Mini Course

Learn about the basics of the Montessori philosophy, from its origins with disadvantaged youth to how it became a revolutionary renowned approach.  Learn the key principles and authentic ways to implement it.

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Montessori Guide to Teaching Reading

Help your child learn to read. Whether you are a homeschooling parent, or just a parent that wants to support your child as they learn to read, this course explains the 6 simple steps to teaching reading using the Montessori approach.


Montessori Parenting Workshop - A Virtual Class

Parenting is challenging. But it can be enlightening as well when you learn about all the incredible things children are capable of doing with your help.  Learn how to guide & support your child using Montessori as an approach to parenting.


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See what others are saying...

Alicia taught me the importance of giving choices and ways I could engage my daughter in practical home activities. Learning this was so helpful when I was having frequent power struggles when my daughter was 3 years old. Alicia is a parent, so she understands the day to day challenges of raising kids and she has real world experience applying the Montessori method in the classroom and at home.
-Nara S.

Alicia presented the information about Montessori in a very approachable and relatable way. She had a strong grasp of the concepts and was able to translate them into concrete examples that were easily understandable. Overall I quite enjoyed the presentation and now feel interested in exploring Montessori teachings further. I look forward to new classes and workshops with Alicia!
- Jake M.

Alicia does an excellent job of making Montessori theory and practice digestible, applicable and real.  She draws from her experience as a passionate Montessori guide and Montessori parent to bring the concepts to life with examples and simple, approachable steps to implementation, while rooting everything in the big picture of nurturing the child's sense of self, natural curiosity, independence & joy. 
- Courtney B.

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